About Us

Theory of Change

All starts with scientific information or an indication of social change. That is how come the themes that are brought to the public by Green Nation. Further, a large survey is conducted to seek technical and theoretical frameworks that show cross looks. This stage continues with a wide dialogue with specialists, educators and researchers that will follow the stage of co-creating the design of the experiences by several creative professionals.

Creating an experiment can take up to 20 months. In this journey, the experience will bring in its DNA ideas from different people with multiple trajectories in Brazil and in the world. Green Nation believes that sustainability movements must be channels of convergence that bring people together and promote ideas and reflections that have real possibilities to positively impact and transform reality.

The activities are created based on scientific data and research that point to innovations on planetary citizenship.

Green Nation's activities use sensoriality, emotionality and interactivity to make an impact. The movement believes that the sustainable attitude only happens when there is a personal connection - a click that will make a difference - and that will bring the planetary citizen together with the macro themes of scientific research, the natural tendencies to undertake and live and the thousands of microcosms that make up the sustainability applied to all beings.