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    OpticVyu provides construction monitoring services through construction cameras, 360° image-based construction monitoring & material tracking in India, Middle East & Africa. With OpticVyu engineers deployed at your site, we do Exterior Time-lapsing, 360° Based Interior Monitoring & Document Management, Material Tracking, Linear Construction Monitoring Solution, Drone Mapping & Monitoring Solutions, Project Planning Integration, Reporting & Image/Videos documentation of every important activity.

    OpticVyu camera system helps in tracking project progress for numerous remote sites from a single platform. The project planning feature makes it easy to review planned & actual completion of tasks.

    Our Services:

    Time Lapse Camera
    360 Degree Image Based Construction Interior Monitoring & Documentation
    Linear Construction Monitoring Solution
    Construction Site Material Tracking With Visual Evidences
    Drone Mapping & Monitoring Solutions
    AI Based PPE Detection Image Processing Construction Camera

    Contact us at:

    +91 9381919274 (Call, Whatsapp, Telegram)